Mentoring program

In 2019, Piddington are starting our own Mentoring Program!

The Piddington Mentor Program (PMP) will bring lawyers together with early career law graduates and soon-to-graduate law students.

Focused on supporting people who don't have existing support in the profession, the program is open to students and graduates with a preference for those from regional and remote areas, low socio-economic backgrounds and who are first in their family to go to university and/or study law.

The PMP has three aims:

  1. Career advice;

  2. Developing professional relationships; and,

  3. Meaningful support and guidance.

We get it, entering the profession can be daunting and hard. Piddington has a focus on collegiality and has long supported junior practitioners, we think this Program can help achieve those aims and we want you to join us.

If you want to join the program, as a mentor or mentee, fill in the relevant form below and we will be in touch!

Also, you probably have a few questions…

Who can be a mentor? 

You can be a mentor if you: 

  • have a law degree;

  • are working in the legal profession; and

  • are willing to meet with a mentee in Perth throughout the year. 

Who can be a mentee? 

If you’re a law student in Perth currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Laws or Juris Doctor or have recently graduated, you are eligible to be a mentee. If you graduated from a public, regional or rural high school or are the first in your family to attend a university, you will be given priority when we are matching you with a mentor. However, all law students, including those who do not fit that criteria, are welcome to apply. 

How long does the program last? 

The mentor/mentee arrangement will have set sessions throughout 2019, but we hope you’ll form lasting relationships that you’ll maintain throughout your career. 

What kind of time commitment is required? 

The PMP will host several group events throughout the year outside of work hours (about once every three months). All mentors and mentees are strongly encouraged to attend. Outside of those events, mentors and mentees are encouraged to meet one-on-one at least three or four times throughout the year. 

What is expected of mentors? 

Mentors are expected to: 

  • spend time with their mentees to get to know them and their career goals; and 

  • provide career advice, guidance and support. 

Mentors might, but are not expected to, be willing to review a mentee’s job application materials such as CVs and cover letters. This is at the mentor’s discretion. Mentees should bear in mind that mentors will be busy. 

Mentors should never and are not expected to review or contribute to a mentee’s university assignments. Mentors are not a source of assignment help nor a tutor. 

What’s in it for the mentors? 

Mentoring is an opportunity to: 

  • display leadership in the profession; 

  • foster equality and diversity in the profession; 

  • get to know the next generation of law graduates; 

  • network with other mentors; and 

  • get discounted tickets to Piddington events. 

What’s in it for the mentees? 

Participating in the PMP is an opportunity to: 

  • build your professional network; 

  • get real life career advice and guidance; 

  • get to know other law students from other universities who might one day be your colleagues; and

  • get discounted tickets to Piddington events. 

Why should I participate in the PMP over other mentoring programs? 

There are several mentoring programs available to law students. We think you’ll love the PMP because of: 

  • the unique mentor/mentee group events held throughout the year where you can meet people in the profession other than your individual mentor/mentee; 

  • our accessibility – all law students are welcome to apply regardless of law school, gender, race or any other distinguishing factors; and 

  • our focus on equality